Woodworm & Timber Treatment Services


At Master Blast we provide woodworm advice and timber treatment. We can also provide a written 10, 20 or 30 year guarantee backed by Sovereign Chemicals. Logically this is the next step after the sandblasting process to protect your timber beams.


We at Master Blast are Sovereign Chemicals Approved Contractors and Property Care Association Qualified Technicians.






















In addition to Mobile Sandblasting and woodworm treatment, we provide a host of on-site blast cleaning services, these include:

  • Full external building cleaning - with ultra high temperature steam cleaning

  • Pavement and masonry steam cleaning

  • Annual maintenance cleaning contracts

  • Fascia & building facade cleaning

  • Construction site cleaning

  • Building cleaning

  • Mobile blast cleaning services

  • Grafitti Removal

  • Paint removal

Common Furniture Beetle
Common Furniture Beetle

The common furniture beetle larvae (in white) having devoured a section of this oak beam. The larvae can live in timber for up to 5 years and can greatly reduce the structural strength of timbers.

Common Furniture Beetle
Common Furniture Beetle

This is a Common Furniture Beetle in the adult part of it's life cycle. It was found in a flight hole in an oak beam which was infested with woodworm larvae.

Death Watch Beetle
Death Watch Beetle

The disc shaped pellets are a sure sign of Death Watch Beetle. The larvae can live up to 10 years in timber and are usually associated with damp or wet wood and cause significant structural damage.